Dream Platform

Open your mind and we open the source code to better e-learning and e-working worlds!

For schools, for companies, for organisations

Dream platform is an integration platform of building blocks and ready-made solutions for cloud-based systems that keep your team on the right track:


By being part of the Dream community, you learn from the  experiences of others. Methodologies in educational area meet the insights of business world and the processes of public administration.

Dreaming of better tools for learning, teaching, conducting project, decision making, coordinating...?

Tasks for the goal

Who should do, what and when? 

Dream tools for planning and prioritizing tasks. Whether the task is a school work for a small pupil, requirement definition for customer project, or decision making in a meeting.

Tools for the tasks

Dream is about beautiful integration of the services and tools you have used to use, or would want to use for your work.

Via Dream you will find also new tools and ways to accomplish.

Having the history

Next steps are taken based on history!

Dream stores all communication, actions, events, and notes for you and others to return.

Easy access

As a web-based solution, Dream is available wherever, whenever.

And by combining single-sign-on (SSO) to the tools you use, there's no more need to login separately to every system.

Functionality provided by the platform

Dream Platform is a way to build systems which integrate and combine other services. Dream Platform itself uses the same technique and it consists of several separate services communicating to each other via APIs. It provides the means to integrate other services together so that the user sees one coherent system which behind the scenes uses different services. The services can come from multiple different sources. They don’t even have to be run by the same operator who runs the system built with Dream Platform.

User management

Integrations to data sources. And provides single sign-on to services. 

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Move easily between different services and see important info in one place.

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Communication between users, devices and services.

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Create and collect learning networks. Handle materials and work.

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Dream Platform is a collection of packages and documentation. The packages are Django apps, distributed as Python eggs.

Dive into the documentation  to see more about the technical side and explanation what the platform really is.

You are a member of a community

By using the Dream Platform as basis of your services and systems you are a member of a community which thinks how we can benefit by working together.


Why - You start as a user, who can utilize the platform and the community in your own work and projects. You will see what is happening within and around the platform, and benefit from the bits and pieces of it.

Other community members share useful information and open source code for you to use for reaching your personal goals.

How - Take Dream into use. Build your own service or system on top of it or ask for a Dream SW house to build one for your needs. Then follow communities, forums and sites for the latest information.


Why - As a networker you have began to get familiar with some of the other users within the community. This way you build better knowledge base of individuals within the community. Who could help with certain type of questions? Who might have convergent targets in mind, and thus you two could benefit from more closer collaboration?

And vice versa. Other people in the community know that “Hey you are here also!”, and thus they may contact you more easily.

How - Join the community events and meet the other dreamers live. Join the discussions in Dream forums, and join the community in social media - participate!


Why - At some point, you may start to feel that it would be nice to give something back to the platform and the community. You have coded a useful piece of functionality or feature to your Dream system, and wonder if someone else could use it too.

Maybe a fellow contributor builds and shares something extra on top of it. Something extraordinary that you had not even dreamed about, yet...

How - Give and take the open source code of Dream platform. Collaborate with other community members.


Why - After a while, you may reach the point where you would want to guide the Dream to some specific direction. For example, you start to see the future potential of the platform in business or technology areas where other Dream influencers are not heading. Or you think that the current path is jeopardizing the platform.

You may also want to impact on the ways of working within the Dream community, and improve the platform via influencing other people.

How - Take a stand! Explain, demonstrate and convince others in the community about your vision.

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