Messaging in Dream

Central hub for all communication

Discussing people, services and devices

Dream Messaging enables ubiquitous messaging between users, services and devices. You can join discussions related to topics as in any web discussion forum. And there may be restricted access to some discussion e.g. related to an ongoing project and tasks at hand.

Participant in a discussion may also be a reservation service reminding of upcoming events or a bot fetching today's lunch menu of the near-by restaurant.

Or some physical device! For example, a server alerting about its status, or a door telling who has just entered the office. For your eyes only or informing your whole team.

Via any XMPP client

Ways to participate a discussion are various as one can use any XMPP client. Dream Messaging is the hub that collects all the communication and stores it. Dream Messaging also provides own chatting UI for those who would like to use one e.g. as an integrated part of some other Dream service.

Integrations to other tools

Dream Messaging provides you Slack integration meaning that messages appearing in Dream Messaging can be read via Slack channel(s). Thus messages sent in any Dream service can appear also in Slack. If needed, this type of integration is possible also for other team messaging tools you may have in use.

Communication history

Messaging collects all communication for later use, thus no piece of information is lost or forgotten. All messages are collected and archived. By joining a discussion, you get access to <stromg>the whole history and become aware of already discussed issues, solutions, proposals and arguments. Easy dive into the conversation!

On a timeline

Timeline-view collects all messages from all discussions in one place and shows them chronologically. With efficient search methods one can filter it to show all the messages related to specific words and phrases, or messages from certain date.

For more information:

Dream platform manual - technical documentation of Messaging